Free prescriptions to end?


Prescription charges for the over 60's?

Governmnet ministers are looking at making 60-65-year-olds pay for their prescriptions in England - and there's speculation it could come at the same time as an annual hike to the £9.35 charge in April.

Currently this age group can have all of their prescription items for free, but the government is looking to link free prescriptions to the retiremnet age and so this could all change in April. This is despite that in other parts of the country (Scotland and Wales) everyone gets their prescriptions free of charge.

This could result in 2.4 million people prescription charges, with the average person in heir early 60s paying an extra £50 to £100 a year unless they qualify for another exemption or purchase a pre-payment certificate.

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We don't believe ANYONE should pay this prescription tax and recommend everyone writes to our MP Christpher Pincher to complain!

  • Kieran Eason

November 13th, 2017