24 Hour Prescription Collection

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You can collect your repeat medication at a time that suits you - 24 hours a day! No more queuing at the counter or waiting for a parking space.


1. Order your prescriptions from your surgery in the usual way

- via our app - https://m67e4.app.goo.gl/yr4u

- by calling us and leaving a message on our 24 hour order line

2. When your medicines are ready to collect you will receive a text with a unique secure collection pin

3. Simply type the pin number into the machine, follow the on-screen instructions and the machine will fetch your prescription within seconds!

We will keep your prescription in the locker for at least 48 hours. Whenever the locker is full we will take out the oldest prescriptions to make space and we will text you to let you know.

We recommend that you pick up your prescriptions as soon as possible to make sure there is space for other patients to use the service.

What can't go in?
- Controlled drugs are not allowed to be stored in the locker. These must be collected from inside the pharmacy.
- Medicines that need to be stored in the fridge cannot currently be stored in the locker.

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem - you will recieve a text message asking you to "check out". Simply click the link and pay online to get your code

If either we or the goverment have details of your exemption on the computer you will receive the locker pin code directly.

If the computer doesn't have a record of your exemption you will be directed to a portal where you can tell us why you don't pay.

If you have a pre-payement for your prescriptions select exempt on the portal and then "pre-payment".

If we have the details of your exemption on file then you will be sent the locker pin code directly


Quite the opposite. We are trying to improve our pharmacy for our customers thats all. The more paitents that use it, the more time our staff have to deal with patients who need more help.

No, its complelty optional - if you still want to come in for a chat you are more than welcome :-)