Impetigo Treatment Service

NHS Funded

This is an NHS funded service and so the consultation is free of charge. NHS Prescription charges may apply if you normally have to pay for your prescriptions. If you are exempt from prescription charges you will not have to pay.

What is Impetigo?

Impetigo is a highly infectious bacterial skin infection. It causes yellow crusted sores, most commonly on the face.

We can supply antibiotics as either a cream, capsules or liquid to treat the infection.

This is an in-pharmacy service with rapid treatment possible. No need to queue at the doctors for an appointment. All patients requiring treatment must be present in the pharmacy.

Impetigo Is Very Infectious

As impetigo is a highly contagious condition, it is very important to take hygiene precautions to stop the infection spreading to other people.

The advice below will help to prevent the spread of infection:

-Keep children off nursery, playgroup or school until their sores have dried up, blistered or crusted over or until 48 hours after starting treatment.
-Don’t share flannels, sheets or towels with infected people, and wash them at a high temperature after use.
-Wash the sores with soap and water, and cover them loosely with a gauze bandage or clothing.
-Don’t touch the sores.
-Wash your hands frequently, particularly after touching infected skin.
-Avoid contact with newborn babies until the risk of contagion has passed (when the rash has crusted over, or after at least 48 hours of treatment with antibiotics).
-Washable toys should also be washed. Wipe non-washable soft toys thoroughly with a cloth that has been wrung out in detergent and warm water and allowed to dry completely.
-Treat suspected or confirmed cases quickly.
-Cover cuts and grazes with a plaster or dressing.

To prevent the impetigo returning, keep cuts and scratches clean, and ensure that any condition that causes broken skin, such as eczema, is treated promptly.