Ear wax removal


How to remove ear wax

So whats the best way to remove ear wax?

Well it may seem odd but the best way isn't microsuction. The best way is to prevent its build up in the first place with the regular use of olive oil.

Olive oil is cheap and easy to use. Its also very effective at softening wax so that it comes out on its own without the need for complicated solutions.

If you are prone to ear wax build ups try to use olive oil once a week or once a month.

If you currently have a build up we recommend using it THREE times a day, for a MINIMUM of 5 minutes at a time with as much olive oil as will fit in (we sell olive oild with dropper ends if you need to use them).

The more you use, and the longer you let it soak in the better it will be.

However if it just won't shift - then come in for a free consultation and we'll see if microsuction will work for you. Its a very quick and safe solution for a very common problem, its just more expensive than good old olive oil.

  • Kieran Eason

November 14th, 2018