How to order your prescription


The best way to order your prescription

We have many routes for patients to order their prescriptions

- Drop your repeat slip into our letterbox

- Drop your repeat slip into our prescription locker

- Order via our 24 hour voicemail service (by calling 01827280837)

- Ordering via your Doctors surgery website or app

- Ordering through our app

With so many options which is the best?

Our app is easily the best way to order your prescriptions! Why?

- Easy to use - just click a button and they are ordered

- you can set reminders to order so that you never forget again

- you can message the pharmacy directly, bypassing our phone system

- you can link it to your GP surgery. You need a "link code" from your surgery to do this, but once done means your prescription is signed off faster by your doctor.

- you can be notified when its ready to collect

- you can track your prescription order and see where it is

So if you haven't tried it yet give it a go!

  • Kieran Eason

April 8th, 2019